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Two New Songs!

In honor of meeting my sweet girlfriend, Miss Mollie Gates, down in the swamps of Louisiana one year ago, I’ve decided to post two songs I wrote for her while I was swooning.

The first one is about a time when she was being wrongfully persecuted.  It’s from the point of view of her.  It’s called Evil Girls.

The second one is quite tender.  There’s some inside baseball in this song that is just between me and the lady, but this is a little love diddy called Gayle In Me.  In our relationship, sometimes you can act like a real Gayle; called so after we saw two older women who were clearly best friends (in our minds for about ten years, ever since they both broke up with their husbands and now go on adventures together).  We decided that both their names were Gayle.

The quality of both these songs is pretty poor.  You can hear my dog flapping her ears in one.  The instrument I use in Gayle In Me is a canjo — essentially a can with a stick and some string.  You can make it yourself…I did and I know nothing about making instruments.

Feel free to download the songs and have them on your ipod or whatever.  Hope you like ‘em.  And check out the little album I made in the post below this!

FREE ALBUM: Semi-Serious

I decided to put together all the songs I made.  Some are jokey, some are semi-serious (hence the album name).  Maybe just a couple of them are what could be considered songs.  Not all of them are in the streaming thing at the bottom of this page.  Yeah, that’s right, we’ve got some unreleased stuff here.  Real underground.

It’s not on iTunes, just a direct download link right at the bottom of this post and also in the new MUSIC page up top.  It’s just a .zip file.  It’s totally safe and totally free.  So check it out!


You just need to click the DOWNLOAD button on the MediaFire pop-up site.


A little switch up

I’ve decided to keep this blog more about myself, comedy, thoughts and other personal jams.  I’ve created a whole new blog for all the nerdy loves of my life.  Video games, movies, Dungeons and Dragons, whatever I want.  So now I can unabashedly talk about the things I like without wondering if that’s “too much” for my actual personal website that I send people to in order to check out my stuff.

So check it:

I transferred all my old nerd posts that were on here over there, so it’s got plenty of content.  New stuff to come!

A better link to the music video, My Girl’s Got A Cool Haircut

I’ve got about half likes and half dislikes on this video.  Fight the haters, y’all.  It’s Folk Corner with Daniel Dunahee.

My Girl's Got A Cool Haircut Music Video!

Made by me, Ian Pfaff, and Rafferty Funksmith.  Get into it, or you’re super uncool.

New Song — “Call Me A Boy”  

I went absolutely insane while stuck in traffic today and this is the result.  This guy’s name is Taffy Nuggins, and it’s his first Las Vegas gig off-off-off-off-off the main strip, and he had the best show he’s ever had.

If anyone saw a guy singing his head off while driving on Highland Ave. today… that was me.

New Song — “Lord Of Winterfell”  

Yup.  It’s about Game Of Thrones.  This canjo is really opening up my world.

New Song —  ”Midnight’s Around Me”  

This new psychedelic jam came to me while I was tripping balls, held in the loving arms of an Assam Macaque named Lorene in the hills of Napal as she coaxed me down from my high.  It was there we kissed, high atop the peaks and soaked within the mist of those low clouds. Then the fog parted and we were trapped in the dark night, with only The Great One’s pin-pricks to give us light.  It would only be our love that guided us through the night.  It was our love that allowed me to survive…to wake once more…holding a limp mass of roadkill in the bathroom of my apartment…having gone absolutely NOWHERE…


New Song — “Truth From The Farthest Reaches Of Peaceful Time”  

It’s been a long while since I actually made a new song.  I was messing around with my canjo (that I made with my bare hands, not a big deal) and came up with this little weird one.  It’s kind of a late 60s trippy pseudo Brit-folk number.  It’s about infinite space and inner love and all encompassing truth about the white queen, Mother Nature, and using the soul within to expel the outer soul so that one can maintain clairvoyant presence upon the Astral Plane.

Light stuff, really.  I shall call it…Truth From The Farthest Reaches Of Peaceful Time.